Migrate to Liferay 6

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Quick check list for the impatient :

1.Create a new instance of Liferay 5.2.3 making sure to :

1.set the checking algorithm to the default ( 5 )
2.attach to a new database
3.create a new data library
4.remove the 7cogs' hook plug-in so that it doesn't create the example data
5.start liferay

2.Login using test/test account 3.Deploy theme-loader-web- 4.Create the communities

1.Create each community that you want to upgrade
2.import the LAR from production server

5.Export users from production ( SQL dump, CSV , “#” separated ) 6.Create users in the new server using the ad-hoc procedure (soon to be posted )

1.make sure you enable the webservice : axis.servlet.hosts.allowed=,<add.your.ip.address>
2.launch the java program developed for the purpose

7.Create the groups

1.Create each group that you want to export from production
2.Import the group's LAR

8.Stop current liferay
9.Unpack the new version of Liferay 6
10.copy portal.ext.properties from the newly created instance
11.fix the checking algorithm issue ( set “permissions.user.check.algorithm=5” )
12.remove 7cogs's hook
13.fire up liferay 6

see Liferay 5.2.3 on Ubuntu/Debian